specialise in Modern Workplace IT solutions...

specialise in Modern Workplace IT solutions...


We can help you with your entire digital transformation strategy or elements of it whether it’s a migration to Office 365, IT strategy, technology adoption, automation or data security.

Transform your care operation with leading technology solutions for the whole team...

Transformation for Care Services...

If you are still working with out-dated costly systems you are likely spending more time and effort managing even the most basic of tasks. With modern cloud-based solutions from Microsoft you can streamline how you interact with all of your staff, suppliers, clients and service users. You probably have some of these Microsoft solutions already but need some help to make the most of them.

IT in the background...

Your IT should sit in the background whilst you focus on care delivery. Every day issues like laptop management, patching, security, internet access and reliability should not be hindering your ability to care. If your IT is not facilitating your organisation then it is likely that you are not taking advantage of the latest proven technologies available. And you are probably spending much more than you need to.


Data breaches and attacks in the care sector are becoming more commonplace. There is highly sensitive data to protect and without dated technologies the care sector is particularly vulnerable. We can help you to implement best practices to ensure you are aligned to data security regulations to keep your organisation and service user data secure.

Powerful. Configurable.
Scalable. Secure. Reliable.

Microsoft 365 Services
We can help you with all aspects of licensing, Exchange, SharePoint, Microsoft Teams, OneDrive, Power Apps, Power Automate and more. We can provide migration services, training, support and consultancy.

Microsoft SharePoint Services
We love SharePoint. It has come a long way since its first version and is now being used across healthcare services in the UK to improve care delivery. We can provide an intranet, chat tools for your care workers, implement an HR solution, CRM solution, integrate your care planning and rostering and provide all of your data in rich dashboards using PowerBI. All built for you and your care operation.

Technology Service for the Care Sector...

Technical Support for Sales and Acquisitions

Supporting you in your growth journey

We are specialists in the technical integration and hand over of care business acquisitions and have worked with large national and single site operators to ensure a smooth transition.

Our sector knowledge within social care is world class. We understand the solutions being used and way in which care providers work. We appreciate that often you may not have an internal IT department to help you manage the transition and that where we can help be your internal IT experts. We know what data is needed and how it must be managed in line with GDPR and can even advise you on how to migrate into new systems.

Get an IT strategy that is tailored to your organisation.

  • We have experience of deals of all sizes and adapt our technical approach and advice accordingly.
  • We know and work with many of the technology suppliers and can make sure that communication on a transaction is effective from the start of the project.

Our experience

  • Migrating from legacy on premise servers to the Microsoft Cloud
  • Transitioning from File Servers to Office 365 online and SharePoint
  • Migrating from Google Suite to the Microsoft Cloud
  • Securing laptops and desktops with the latest Microsoft technologies such as Defender, InTune and Autopilot.
  • Migrating applications such as Care Planning, Rostering, HR, CRM to the Microsoft Cloud
  • Implementing PowerBI and building reports.

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