Because care should be integrated...

Integrated Care Management Technology for

CRM Software
HR Software
Facilities Management software
Care Planning Software
Rostering software

Because care should be integrated...


100% Configurable...

Although ready to go out of the box each modules is configurable by you. Create your own workflows, forms and reports. We can help when needed or set each things up to fully meet your requirements.

100% Microsoft...

With modules for HR, CRM, FM, Compliance, Care Management and Rostering all in SharePoint and MS Teams you benefit from world class security and performance.

100% Made for Care...

Focus on Care whilst CarePoint365 automates your day to day processes. Using Power Apps and Power Automate you can manage your operation directly in Microsoft Teams.

Powerfully simple...

Your technology platform should sit in the background and let you get on with providing care. It should make your job easy, automate those manual workarounds and put all of your data at your fingertips.

CarePoint365 gives you feature rich, integrated modules for HR, CRM, Care Planning, Rostering, Facilities Management or Compliance.

You can see and use your data in one place.

You can act on events seamlessly across the care service.

The Care Sector deserves better...

And that’s why we have build CarePoint365.

Following years of building technology in the care sector we have started afresh with one new platform built on world class leading Microsoft technologies that you already have in your business.

Our systems work directly with your existing Microsoft systems like Word and Excel meaning that you won’t need to change where your information is. You won’t have to re-enter it or change it.

Say goodbye to fragmented data spread out across various systems. With Microsoft’s inbuilt API’s we can integrate with your existing platforms and allow you to report on ALL of your data from ALL of your systems through the PowerBI Business Intelligence reporting tool.

And all of this with world class security baked in. It’s all hosted in the UK with Microsoft, using Microsoft platforms.

And its 100% configurable. By you. No developers needed. No eye watering day rates. When you need help, we are ready to support you, every step of the way.

Streamline all of your processes with 6 core modules...


  • HR Policies & Procedures
  • Hiring, Onboarding & Termination
  • Employee records & Compliance
  • Employee Forms & Self-Service
  • Employee Performance.


  • Enquiry tracking
  • Enquiry reporting
  • Marketing campaign management
  • Manage sales assets
  • Customisable sales stages
  • Integrate with other modules, such as care planning.


  • Easily create your rotas
  • Automatically assign the right staff based on dependencies
  • Track budgets and compliance
  • Fill empty shifts
  • Manage attendance and timesheets
  • Integrate with care planning

Facilities Management

  • Work orders
  • Asset management
  • Recurring work
  • Contractor and supplier management
  • Flexible reporting
  • Communicate work information with staff teams.

Care Planning

  • Integrates with your existing care planning documentation
  • Bespoke plans and risk assessments
  • Create triggers and alerts or use pre-built ones
  • Share information with all stakeholders
  • Intelligent reports and care specific dashboards
  • Integrate with other modules seamlessly.


  • Fully featured audit and action planning tools
  • Build your own audits and action plans
  • Track compliance against the CQC KLOE’s
  • Manage actions and track progress
  • Rich reporting and dashboard information.

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